29th Guam Legislature


Resolution   No. 143 (EC)

Relative to recognizing the numerous outstanding accomplishments and   celebrating the life of the late Honorable Hermina Duenas Dierking, former   Senator of I Liheslaturan Guahan, and to extending sincere condolences to her   husband John and their children on behalf of the people of Guam. Adopted:   4/3/08

Resolution   No. 125 (LS)

Relative to amending Section 15.01 and 15.02 of the Standing Rules of I Mina’¬†¬† Bente Nuebe na Liheslaturan Guahan to conform to the Organic Act of Guam and the¬†¬† fundamentals of democracy.

Resolution   No. 95 (EC)

Relative to requesting that Guam’s Delegate to Congress seek an amendment to¬†¬† include Guam in H.R. 972, the “Civilian Agent Orange Act of 2007,” which seeks¬†¬† to provide compensation for those individuals who were employees of the Federal¬†¬† Government or contract employees of the Department of Defense during the Vietnam¬†¬† conflict, and suffered disability or death from exposure to Agent Orange, in the¬†¬† same manner as compensation is presently provided to veterans of military¬†¬† service who received exposure to the deadly herbicide; and to expressing the¬†¬† support of I Mina’Bente Nuebi Na Liheslaturan Gurthan for the purpose of H.R.¬†¬† 972. Adopted:¬†¬† 12/20/07 | Letter¬†¬† Attachment

Resolution   No. 68 (EC)

Relative to requesting the United States Government to extend the application   and coverage of Medicare entitlements to eligible Guam recipients who have   earned these Medicare benefits and who choose to obtain quality Health and   Medical Care Services in the Philippines. Adopted:   10/10/07

Resolution   No. 62 (LS)

Relative to supporting H. Res. 121 introduced in the 110th Congress¬†¬† expressing the sense that the Government of Japan should formally acknowledge,¬†¬† apologize, and accept historical responsibility in a clear and unequivocal¬†¬† manner for its Imperial Armed Forces’ coercion of young women, known to the¬†¬† world as “comfort women,” into sexual slavery during Japan’s colonial and¬†¬† wartime occupation of Asia and the Pacific Islands from the 1930s through the¬†¬† duration of World War II; and to request that Guam be included among the Pacific¬†¬† Islands affected. Adopted:¬†¬† 8/23/07

Resolution   No. 19 (LS)

Relative to requesting the United States Department of Interior to   immediately release Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000) in Compact Impact Aid to   fund immediate physical infrastructure repairs required to ensure student health   and safety in the Guam Public School System.

Resolution   No. 7 (LS)

Relative to extending a special recognition and congratulations to Monsignor   Father David I. Quitugua on his Forty-Third (43rd) anniversary of ordination to   the priesthood in service to god and our people, and on the occasion of his   Seventy-First (71st) birthday celebration, in acknowledging his lifetime   dedication, faithfulness, and distinguished service to the people of Guam. Adopted:   2/19/07

Resolution   No. 5 (EC)

Relative to petitioning the United States Congress to amend the Radiation   Exposure Compensation Act of 1990, Public Law 101-426, as amended by Public Law   101-510, 3139 (42 U.S.C. 2210) and Public Law 106-245, to include Guam in   jurisdiction (Downwinders). Adopted:   3/19/07

Resolution   No. 4 (EC)

Relative to authorizing I Maga’lahen Guahan to arrange a line of   credit for an additional Four Million Dollars as authorized in 5GCA Division 2,   Chapter 22, Article 4 for a total of Ten Million Dollars ($10M) for the purpose   of making partial payment to the COLA class award pursuant to Superior Court of   Guam Case No.  SP 0206-93. Adopted:   3/19/07


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