Borja, Michael J.B. – Member, Chamorro Land Trust Commission Board

Calvo, Oscar – Member, Chamorro Land Trust Commission

Camacho, John P. – Director, Department of Revenue and Taxation

Cassidy, William West –  Member, Guam Banking & Insurance Board

Fish, Mark – Member Guam Banking & Insurance Board

Franquez, Rita T. – Member, Chamorro Land Trust Commission

Ilao, John R., – Member, Alcohol Beverage Control Board

Illagan, Artemio B. – Commisioner, Guam Banking and Insurance Board

Limtiaco, Beatrice P. – Member, Guam Land Use Commission

Manglona, Benita Atalig – Director, Bureau of Budget and Management Research

Matanane, David J. – Member Chamorro Land Trust Commission

Rapadas, Danilo M. – Member, Guam Banking and Insurance Board

Rios, John – Director, Bureau of Budget and Management Research

Santos, Amanda L.G. – Member, Chamorro Land Trust Commission

Silva, David M. III – Member, Guam Banking & Insurance Board

Taitano, John Ray II – Member, Alcohol Beverage Control Board

Terlaje, Anisia B. – Director, Department of Land Management

Thompson, Craig R. – Member, Alcoholic Beverage Control Board


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