Bill 278-32 sponsored by Senator Vicente (ben) C. Pangelinan – An act to prioritize the funding of the classified and unclassified employees of the government of Guam by setting the salaries of I Maga’lahen GuĂ„han, I Segundu Na Maga’lahen GuĂ„han, the Senators of I Liheslaturan GuĂ„han, the Attorney General of Guam, the Public Auditor of Guam, and the appointed heads of the Departments and Agencies of the Executive Branch to October 1, 2013 salary rates. Passed: 2/20/14.

Bill 268-32 sponsored by Senator Michael F.Q. San Nicolas – An act to approve the Department of Administration’s implementation plans of the “Government of Guam Competitive Wage Act of 2014”; and to repeal §§ 6201, 6202, and 6208 of Article 2, Chapter 6, Title 4, Guam Code Annotated. Passed: 2/1/14. (Vetoed by Governor Edward J.B. Calvo, 02/13/2014)

Department of Administration Competitive Wage Act of 2014 Report


OFB Analysis of Bill 469-30 (Hay Study Bill)

Bill 469-30

Bill 30-196, Chapter XI, Section 7. GovGuam Competitive Wage Act of 2011


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