Keynote Address at 7th Annual Financing Military Housing Privatization Conference

“But is this contiguous base approach the best alternative for all the stakeholders in the newly but yet to be completely determined Marine Relocation to Guam? Does creating a new city of over 3,500 housing units and supporting ancillary facilities behind the fence of the military installation best serve the people of Guam, the servicemen and women and the Department of Defense? I believe the answer to this question is no.

The move to reposition the Marines is a key component of a much larger global security strategy that effectively could remain in place for decades. The decisions that are made today in how the Marines are relocated to Guam will shape the future relationship between the federal government, the military, and the people of Guam.

What we don’t need is for this relationship to evolve into what we are seeing in Okinawa today which is a desire of the people to liberate their homeland from the Marines. How can this be accomplished? It can be accomplished by integrating the military housing all throughout the island. Rather than build a city behind the fence of the base, the new Marine relocation master plan should build small military communities within our villages.”

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