Public Laws

25th Guam Legislature


Public   Law 25-186 РLivestock Standards and Domestication of Animals on   Guam (SBill No. 404, Sponsor -V.C. Pangelinan, passed: 12/20/00; signed into   law: 1/11/01)

Public   Law 25-171 РAdding a new subsection to Title 5, Guam Code   Annotated, relative to Executive Sessions. (Bill No. 440,Sponsor -V.C.   Pangelinan, passed: 10/5/00; signed into law: 10/19/00)

Public   Law 25-157 РClarifying the transfer incentives, vesting schedule   and distribution options associated with the transfer of membership from the   Defined Benefit Plan to the Defined Contribution Retirement System (SBill No.   281, Sponsor -V.C. Pangelinan, passed: 6/23/00; signed into law: 7/10/00)

Public   Law 25-130 РMaximize efficiency of review of Government Claims and   require notification to claimants of the basis of denial of any claim (SBill No.   365, Sponsor -V.C. Pangelinan, passed: 05/11/00; signed into law: 05/22/00)

Public   Law 25-129 РAuthorize purchasers of As-Tumbo Subdivision to sell,   convey, lease or transfer their lots to family members and GHURA to sell   remaining lots to low and medium income residents of Guam. (Bill No. 283,   Sponsor -V.C. Pangelinan, passed: 05/11/00; signed into law: 05/22/00)

Public   Law 25-114 РPermit grantees of As-Tumbo Subdivision to rent out a   single unit of a two-family duplex dwelling. (SBill No. 288, Sponsor -V.C.   Pangelinan, passed: 03/9/00; signed into law: 03/24/00)

Public   Law 25-108 РRename Retirement Fund as the Senator Jesus R. Quinene   Retirement Fund Building. (Bill No. 69, Sponsor РV.C. Pangelinan, passed:   3/9/00; signed into law: 03/24/00)

Public¬†¬† Law 25-103 – Creation of an Office of the Public Guardian. (SBill¬†¬† No. 174, Sponsor –V.C. Pangelinan, passed: 3/09/00; signed into law: 03/22/00)

Public   Law 25-101 РIdentity Protection Act of 2000. (SBill No. 233,   Sponsor -V.C. Pangelinan, passed: 03/09/00; signed into law: 03/22/00)

Public   Law 25-100 РProcurement of Native and Grown-in-Guam Horticultural   Products. (SBill No. 197, Sponsor -V.C. Pangelinan, passed: 03/09/00; signed   into law: 03/22/00)

Public¬†¬† Law 25-92 – Surveying Practices on Guam .(SBill No. 217, Sponsor –¬†¬† v. c. pangelinan, passed: 11/5/99; 11/9/99; vetoed: 11/26/99; overridden¬†¬† 12/29/99)

Public   Law 25-91 РOne Million Dollars from the Personnel Reserve Fund to   the Government of Guam Special Fund for Worker’s Compensation Payments. (SBill   No. 386, Sponsor РV. C. Pangelinan, passed: 12/16/99; passed into law:   12/22/99)

Public   Law 25-70 РEstablishing a volume-based commerical and residential   tipping/user fee. (SBill No. 263, Sponsor РV. C. Pangelinan, passed: 7/12/99;   signed into law: 7/15/99)

Public   Law 25-46 РGuam Community Police Review Board.(SBill No.51,   Sponsor РV. C. Pangelinan, passed: 07/5/01; vetoed: 6/7/99; overridden:   6/15/99)

Public   Law 25-38 РProtection for Volunteers/non-profit organizations re.   Lawsuits. (SBill No. 62, Sponsor РV. C. Pangelinan, passed: 05/24/99; signed   into law: 6/7/99)

Public   Law 25-31 РSealed Bidding Procedures of Guam Procurement   Regulations. (Bill No. 175, Sponsor РV. C. Pangelinan, passed: 05/24/99; signed   into law: 6/4/99)

Public   Law 25-19 РExtending transfer period of the GovGuam Retirement   Fund to the defined contribution Retirement System. (SBill No. 185, Sponsor РV.   C. Pangelinan, passed: 05/3/99; signed into law: 05/14/99)


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